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On The spot rebates applies to all health funds!

On The spot rebates applies to all health funds!

Dynamic Lifestyle specializes in Personal Training,
Massage Therapy, Kanetica™Therapy, and good habits.


It's far too easy to neglect our health as we age and live our busy lives. Getting the kids to school on time, meeting that tough deadline at work, getting home late after a hard day at the office, there are a million and one reasons why we've let our health slip.

At Dynamic Lifestyle, our clients have regained control of their health and lives, by fixing old problems that have persisted (sometimes for years) through Remedial Massage or the Kanetica™ Method, and maintaining good habits and a healthy lifestyle through one-on-one personal training sessions with our instructors.



Dynamic Lifestyle employs massage therapy to assist with:

  • Anxiety or tension
  • Back, neck or shoulder pain
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Muscle pain or stiffness
  • Pre or post-natal (pregnancy) related discomfort
  • Sporting or repetitive strain injuries

Health fund rebates applicable for treatments.


Dynamic Lifestyle offers one-on-one training sessions with clients looking to transform and improve their health.

Exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle, no matter the age.
Our clients range from young adults, to senior citizens.
It's never too late to start (or restart) the journey to a healthier and more energetic lifestyle.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, have a healthier diet, or are interested in strength training, Dynamic Lifestyle can help.



The Kanetica™ method is specifically designed to release stubborn joint and tissue tension, to regain access and freedom in the body.

This advanced technique increases the flow of blood and vital fluids to the bone, muscle, nerve and tissue structures.

Highly recommended therapy for people with clients with persisting back pain, posture problems, or flexibility issues.  

Health fund rebates applicable for treatments.


Health Funds Accepted


Hear From Clients Who Are Now Living A Dynamic Lifestyle

I experienced significant pain and restricted movement in both shoulders, starting from two years ago. I was advised that my left shoulder was a “frozen shoulder.” My right shoulder was diagnosed as “Bursitis”.

There was no treatment for the left side, but I received various treatments for the right shoulder, including cortisone injections, followed by Bursitis patches to draw the fluid, Osteopathic treatment. None of these gave more than small relief.

Since then, I have received 8 sessions with Emmanuel Elturk and the relief has been better. I am able to sleep sounder without aching, I am able to raise both arms well above my head, and easily swing my arms easily to both right and left side!
— John T
I was seeing a chiropractor twice a week, and when I wanted to work hard, I could not do too much without getting tired and sore.

It was then that I came across Dynamic Lifestyle who I went to see for some massage treatments.

5 weeks later my back was completely balanced and at ease with significantly fewer niggles. I was then able to commence a training program with Emmanuel to regain strength and continue to work hard and feel better every day.
— Steve Gee
I have known Emmanuel for quite a few years now. As I was training, he not only took care of my fitness but also my “lifestyle” (mostly to do with my eating habits)!

I sometimes complained of an ache in my lower back so Emmanuel suggested I give Kanetica™ a go. Whilst a bit reticent to start with, I must admit that after about three sessions, I started to feel a lot more movement and freedom in my lower back.

Emmanuel was very professional in his approach and was also very caring and gentle. He is a very kind person and I would definitely recommend a few sessions of Kanetica™ to anyone who has stubborn “aches and pains”.
— Pam Hepworth
I have been training with Emmanuel for almost three years, which was about the same time that I decided to retire from the workforce. I am in my early 60′s and after over 25 years of doing aerobics classes I felt I needed a change.

Through the personal training benefits I have received from Emmanuel, I have become stronger, more flexible, and fitter. I thoroughly enjoy my training with Emmanuel and I have found him to be very informative on all aspects of personal fitness.
— Diane Doering

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