Do you suffer from chronic Back pain in the lower back because your upper body has no flexibility?

Every day I have to treat new patients who are complaining of lower back problems that just won't go away.

I guess it does make sense to me that if a patient complains of lower back pain, then the lower back must be treated. When patients complain of chronic pain in the lower back, there is a high probability of inflammation or decreased flexibility, which may affect their normal day to day life and it is, therefore,  important to treat the specified area immediately.

When a new client comes in for a consultation in my office, I assess their posture from head to toe and ask them for details about their condition to help me determine the cause of the chronic pain. It is important that I identify the root of the problem and not just try and treat the symptoms.  

Basically, there needs to be flexibility in the upper back to help improve the mobility in the lower back. If this flexibility is not evident in that patient, then that tells me that he/she is compensating. This will definitely affect their posture even when doing normal things like walking or standing. And, if left untreated, this may result to a chronic, painful sensation in the lower back.

Do you suffer from lower chronic back pain and your health care practitioner keeps treating the symptoms but not the cause? Come in for a assessment and let's find out! 

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Why can't I be free of pain in my lower back?

Why can't I be free of pain in my lower back?