Still In Pain? Struggling With Daily Tasks Or At Work?  Spending Money & Not Getting The Results You Want?  Safe & Fast Results In Less Time  90% Improvement In Only 6 Sessions   HEALTH FUND REBATE AVAILABLE 

Still In Pain? Struggling With Daily Tasks Or At Work? 
Spending Money & Not Getting The Results You Want?

 Safe & Fast Results In Less Time
 90% Improvement In Only 6 Sessions  

Why Does It Work So Effectively? (The Science)

Kanetica™ is a proven system of mobilisation and positioning techniques that are specifically designed to first release mechanically. Afterwards, it frees and moves joints,  to help awaken lazy muscle tissue and restoring accessibility and vitality to your body that were once present before, specifically targeting parts where the root cause of the issue may originate.

It then helps your body to regain more movement and function, increase the flow of vital fluids and blood supply to bones, muscles, nerves and connective tissue such as, ligaments, tendons and fascia, and improve the body's hydration .  

At this point your body becomes more receptive and responsive, making it safer and easier for realignment. The eventual outcome is that your body is aligned back to the way it should be in its original form, replenished with nourishment. Now your body naturally hydrates and repairs itself, allowing the rebalancing process to take place. Your Body is once again physiologically healthy - enriching your wellbeing.

Patients and experts refer to Kanetica™ as "The Missing Link" - It Makes Perfect Sense!

The Kanetica Institute case studies show that 90% of people who used Kanetica™ Therapy achieved faster and longer lasting results after only 6 sessions in comparison with other therapies relating to people with chronic back, neck, shoulder & hip pain and problems.   


What Is Kanetica™ Therapy?

A Safe and Gentle Way to Free Your Body From PAIN & Limitation - Enhancing Performance. 

A proven hands-on therapy that Balances Your Body. We use what we call: 
(combined principles from eastern & western philosophies) 


RELEASE -  Stiff Joints & Tissue 

RESTORE - Posture, Movement & Function

REDUCE - Pain & Manage it 


Kanetica™ Therapy Produces Lasting Results!

How Does It Work?

Kanetica™ Therapy combines various non-forced compress-and-release-like techniques that carefully mobilises and frees rigid joints, stiff muscles and other tissues - just like freeing up a rigid, dried-out, squeaky hinge. This realigns and rebalances your body, achieving:

  • Freedom from PAIN

  • Recurring pain/problems from coming back

  • Safer and faster way to enhance your posture

  • Better range of movement and energy

  • Increased flow of vital fluids to nerves, joints, muscle, ligaments bones, discs.

Health Funds Accepted


Hear What Our Kanetica Patients Have To Say

I’ve struggled with upper and lower back pain through most of the year 2012. After 5 sessions of Kanetica™ I’m now 85% pain free and I’m slowly going back to exercising the way I did before the pain started.

Emmanuel did stretching and movements of the back that usually had an effect a couple days later. Epsom salt baths and a lot of rest after the sessions helped to get the best benefits out of them.

I tried Chiropractors and Osteopaths as well as Physio all with little effects or very short term effects.

Thanks Emmanuel for your help and I’m hoping I won’t have to be back any time soon
— Audrey Johnson
I have known Emmanuel for quite a few years now. As I was training, he not only took care of my fitness but also my “lifestyle” (mostly to do with my eating habits)!

I sometimes complained of an ache in my lower back so Emmanuel suggested I give Kanetica™ a go. Whilst a bit reticent to start with, I must admit that after about three sessions, I started to feel a lot more movement and freedom in my lower back.

Emmanuel was very professional in his approach and was also very caring and gentle. He is a very kind person and I would definitely recommend a few sessions of Kanetica™ to anyone who has stubborn “aches and pains”.
— Pam Hepworth

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