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From my experience as a personal fitness coach over the last 15 years, every body is different and every person requires different coaching methods to achieve the best results. Before a person can achieve their potential, a strong foundation must be laid. Habits, lifestyle, and diet must be addressed. Changing habits takes time and self-understanding, but the results, which can be achieved with small changes to everyday life, could be incredible. It is also important to make your new habits routine.

The core focus areas of the Dynamic Lifestyle training program are:

  • Detoxification

  • Fat Loss Programs

  • Rehabilitation

  • Strength Training

  • Flexibility

  • Healthy Eating

The Process

  1. Assessment of Posture, Food Balance Health and Lifestyle

  2. Realign your Posture

  3. Strengthen Weak Muscles

  4. Tweak and Build the Body to Perfection


I have been training with Emmanuel for 4 years. When I started with Emmanuel I had chronic pain in my left hip and knee. One of my goals was to lose some weight. After working with Emmanuel I am now pain free and have lost the weight.

The sessions with Emmanuel are varied, we hardly ever do the same set of exercises two sessions in a row. He monitors my levels and always provides appropriate, challenging exercises. My latest blood test shows my cholesterol at its lowest level in 5 years and my PSA levels as negligible.

I enjoy training with Emmanuel and consider the fees as health insurance well spent.
— Ron
Where does one start with Emmanuel as a personal trainer? Well at the beginning – I am now 55 years old. I came to Emmanuel after 30 years or so of consistent attempts at gym training. But it was the same story every time. In almost every case I would get into the training and do well for 5-6 weeks, and then I would strain something, pull a muscle etc, and then end up spending 2-3 weeks getting over it. Momentum lost. Start again.

I have been with Emmanuel now for two and a half years and he has revolutionized my training. In the time that I trained with him I have NOT injured myself as I used to. In fact the lower left back, right shoulder, and knee problems I have been nursing over all those years have gone! I now have the strongest core muscles I have ever had.

Central in the training is Emmanuel’s style. He is supportive but firm. If you lag in attitude he is not afraid to forcefully encourage you to work harder. Coupled with his honesty, integrity, excellent sense of humor, and strong personal core values, Emmanuel is the best.
— Dr Terry Royce
I have been training with Emmanuel over the past 9 months and I have experienced great results. When I first met Emmanuel my body was in a very bad way. It was out of balance from years of physical work as a carpenter, and lifting incorrectly has caused chronic lower back pain that kept me out of the surf for the last 18 months.

I train with Emmanuel weekly in the gym and his knowledge of rehab strength training is outstanding. Nine months on, my body continues to improve. Now I’m back in the surf, and noticing a much different feel back on a surfboard, with more power and stability.

Before, I didn’t know where to turn for help but meeting Emmanuel has been a true blessing. I have no hesitation recommending Emmanuel for personal training.
— Nick O'Keefe
Mr Emmanuel Elturk’s operation as a Personal Trainer is informed by an approach which is both intuitive and soundly knowledge-based. He understands very clearly the need to provide training for all muscle groups in a planned comprehensive manner, and, beyond this, is well informed on matters relating to mental attitude, nutrition and lifestyle. Mr Elturk keeps himself au courant, and undertakes professional development activities on a regular basis.

I have been a client of Mr Elturk’s for some seven years, and have found the experience to be, both personally and professionally, a most rewarding one. My sense of physical well-being is a very satisfying one, and I attribute this in no small measure to Mr Elturk’s efforts.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Mr Elturk without reservation.
— John Slinn

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